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About Brandon 

Hello everyone!

I'm Brandon - Owner and Creator of Brandon Keim Photography.

Being raised in Bozeman Montana I grew up participating in many activities! Photography was always at the top of the list! I also spent a lot of my time on the football field, basketball court and the great outdoors! 


Specializing in portraiture and natural light photography. While trying to capture life most special moments! 

Every session, I encourage my clients to be nothing but themselves! Comfort and confidence are key components to capturing the purity of a moment. I strive to present my clients with images that reflect the true emotion they were feeling right before I clicked the button!


I believe life is made up of a million little moments and that each and every one of those moments have the ability to be held on too. So let’s do this! Whether it be your wedding day, family pictures, or your child's senior photos, let me embellish the walls of your home with your life’s most precious memories!

Jessica Kindzerski owner and operator of (Kindzerski Photography) is my other half and my business partner! We combine our skill and compassion for photography to make the most dynamic photographer duo of all time. We mainly combine our work when doing weddings but she will occasionally come along on some other shoots as well. 

Please Get In Touch!

Bozeman, MT 59718

(406) 580-3392

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